Faculty Asad Hameed

Asad Hameed

  • College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE)

Aerospace Materials, Mechanical Behaviour /Testing, Material characterisation, Composites

Academic Background
PhD (Materials) University of Oxford January 15, 2013 - December 19, 2016
Honours and Awards
President Gold Medal Presendents gold medal for standing First in MS ( Materials and Surface Engineering) in 2009-11 MS Bacth at SCME/NUST/ Pakistan April 17, 2012
Optimization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Curing Parameters for Aerospace Application April 24, 2022 Fareed Ahmad, Mohammed Al Awadh, Muhammad Abas, Sahar Noor, Asad Hameed, Applied Sciences (Switzerland) - Volume 12, Issue 9, Article Number 4307
Development and characterization of a new riveting process for pre-drilled holes hard-to-access aircraft riveted joints April 14, 2022 Haris Ali Khan, Nafey Zafar, Asad Hameed, M Farooq Bin Akram, Kamran Asim, Syed Saad Javaid, Abdullah Khan, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Pages 1-12
Failure analysis of a cracked cylinder block assembly of an aircraft brake system March 01, 2022 Asad Hameed, Ali Nawaz, Haris Ali Khan, Zahid Mehmood, M Farooq Akram, Engineering Failure Analysis - Volume 133, Article Number 105948
Roll Bonding Processes: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives August 25, 2021 Haris Ali Khan, Kamran Asim, Farooq Bin Akram, Asad Hameed, Abdullah Khan, Bilal Mansoor, Metals - Volume 11(9), 1344
Multiaxial stress mapping and fatigue failure prediction of aircraft hydraulic pipes March 01, 2021 Zahid Mehmood, Asad Hameed, Shakeel Safdar, Faisal Siddique, Engineering Failure Analysis - Volume 121, Article Number 105168
Failure analysis of a broken support strut of an aircraft landing gear November 01, 2020 Asad Hameed, Ossama Zubair, Taimur Ali Shams, Zahid Mehmood, Ali Javed, Zahid Mehmood, Engineering Failure Analysis - Volume 117, Article Number 104847
Analysis of premature failure of aircraft hydraulic pipes January 01, 2020 Zahid Mehmood, Zahid Mehmood, Asad Hameed, Ali Javed, Engineering Failure Analysis - Volume 109, Article Number 104356
Upwind skewed radial basis functions (USRBF) for solution of highly convective problems over meshfree nodes October 30, 2019 Ali Javed, Ali Asadullah Baig, Kamal Djidjeli, Aamer Shahzad, Asad Hameed, Engineering with Computers - Pages 1–17
Engineering officer PAF June 01, 2003 - November 24, 2022