Faculty Haris Ali Khan

Haris Ali Khan

  • College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE)
  • 092395015

Dr. Haris Ali Khan received his Ph.D. degree from Pennsylvania State University, USA in Manufacturing Engineering. He is currently working as Group Head Structures in Aerospace Engineering Department. He has published several peer-reviewed journal papers and has won five funding during the last two years. He has been adjudged the best faculty of his department twice in the last two years and won the NUST Best Teacher Award for CAE in 2021-22. His research interest includes structural health monitoring, the development of composite structures, manufacturing processes, and their characterization.

Academic Background
PhD (Industrial Manufacturing Engineering) American Business & Technology University September 18, 2015 - June 05, 2020
Honours and Awards
Classification of progressive failure and mechanical behavior of dissimilar material hybrid joints at varying temperatures January 01, 2023 Zain-ul-Abidin, Sabih Ahmad Khan, Haris Ali Khan, Raja Muhammad Awais, Sara Khushbash, Thin-Walled Structures - Volume 182, Part A, Article Number 110212
Sensor Fusion and On-Line Monitoring of Friction Stir Blind Riveting for Lightweight Materials Manufacturing June 01, 2022 Zhe Gao, Haris Ali Khan, Jingjing Li, Weihong (Grace) Guo, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering - Volume 144(6), Article Number 061009
Development and characterization of a new riveting process for pre-drilled holes hard-to-access aircraft riveted joints April 14, 2022 Haris Ali Khan, Nafey Zafar, Asad Hameed, M Farooq Bin Akram, Kamran Asim, Syed Saad Javaid, Abdullah Khan, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Pages 1-12
Failure analysis of a cracked cylinder block assembly of an aircraft brake system March 01, 2022 Asad Hameed, Ali Nawaz, Haris Ali Khan, Zahid Mehmood, M Farooq Akram, Engineering Failure Analysis - Volume 133, Article Number 105948
Design space optimisation of an unmanned aerial vehicle submerged inlet through the formulation of a data-fusion-based hybrid model October 01, 2021 M Farooq Bin Akram, Haris Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Shams, Dimitri Mavris, The Aeronautical Journal - Volume 125 , Issue 1292 , Pages 1815-1832
Roll Bonding Processes: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives August 25, 2021 Haris Ali Khan, Kamran Asim, Farooq Bin Akram, Asad Hameed, Abdullah Khan, Bilal Mansoor, Metals - Volume 11(9), 1344
Increased Ʃ3 boundaries: Effects of friction stir and post heating on pure copper June 01, 2021 Nannan Chen, Haris Ali Khan, Shenxi Li, Jingjing Li, Materials Characterization - Volume 176, Article Number 111120
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