Faculty Syed Saad Javaid

Syed Saad Javaid

  • College of Aeronautical Engineering
  • 39501500

Academic Background
Post Grad Diploma (Fracture Mechanics) Georgia Institute of Technology May 08, 2020 - May 08, 2021
Honours and Awards
Aeroelastic tailoring for aerospace applications January 30, 2024 Junaid Najmi, Haris Ali Khan, Syed Saad Javaid, Asad Hameed, Faisal Siddiqui, Heliyon - Volume 10, Issue 2, Article Number e24151
Investigation of the mechanical behavior of FDM processed CFRP/Al hybrid joint at elevated temperatures November 01, 2023 Sabih Ahmad Khan, Haris Ali Khan, Abdullah Khan, Shuaib Salamat, Syed Saad Javaid, Raja Muhammad Awais, Thin-Walled Structures - Volume 192, Article Number 111135
Development and characterization of a new riveting process for pre-drilled holes hard-to-access aircraft riveted joints April 14, 2022 Haris Ali Khan, Nafey Zafar, Asad Hameed, M Farooq Bin Akram, Kamran Asim, Syed Saad Javaid, Abdullah Khan, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Pages 1-12
The development of zones of active plasticity during mode I steady-state crack growth in thin aluminum sheets September 01, 2019 Syed Saad Javaid, Wade Lanning, Christopher Muhlstein, Engineering Fracture Mechanics - Volume:218, Article Number: 106540
Mode I steady-state crack propagation through a fully-yielded ligament in thin ductile metal foils June 01, 2019 Wade Lanning, Camilla Johnson, Syed Saad Javaid, Christopher Muhlstein, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics - Volume:101, Page:141-151
Reconciling fracture toughness parameter contradictions in thin ductile metal sheets November 01, 2017 Wade Lanning, Syed Saad Javaid, Christopher Muhlstein, Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures - Volume 40, Issue 11, Pages 1809-1824
Low resistivity ZnO-GO electron transport layer based CH3NH3PbI3 solar cells June 01, 2016 Muhammad Imran Ahmad, Zakir Hussain, Muhammad Mujahid, Ahmad Nawaz Khan, Syed Saad Javaid, Amir Habib, AIP Advances - Volume:6, Issue:6, Article Number:065303
Perovskite Solar Cells: Potentials, Challenges, and Opportunities October 04, 2015 Muhammad Imran Ahmed, Amir Habib, Syed Saad Javaid, International Journal of Photoenergy - Volume 2015, Article ID 592308
Assistant Professor NUST May 31, 2021 - November 24, 2022
Assistant Professor NUST June 12, 2014 - January 12, 2016
Squadron Leader Pakistan Air Force July 21, 2008 - November 24, 2022