Faculty Zahid Mehmood


  • College of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Doctoral

Dr Zahid Mehmood is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at College of Aeronautical Engineering NUST.

Academic Background
PhD (Mechanical Engineering) Doctoral Air University September 01, 2014 - May 06, 2019
Failure analysis of a broken support strut of an aircraft landing gear November 01, 2020 Zahid Mehmood, Zahid Mehmood, Asad Hameed, Taimur Ali Shams, Ossama Zubair, Ali Javed Engineering Failure Analysis - Volume 117, Article Number 104847
Material selection for optimum design of MEMS pressure sensors September 01, 2020 Zahid Mehmood, Ibraheem Haneef, Florin Udrea Microsystem Technologies - Volume 26, Pages 2751–2766
Sensitivity Enhancement of Silicon-on-Insulator CMOS MEMS Thermal Hot-Film Flow Sensors by Minimizing Membrane Conductive Heat Losses. Sensors April 18, 2019 Zahid Mehmood, Ibraheem Haneef, Syed Zeeshan Ali, Florin Udrea Sensors - Volume 19(8), Article Number 1860
Teaching Experience:
39 Years NUST October 29, 2018 - November 04, 2020