My time at NUST Business School was the most memorable time of my life. NBS helped me groom myself and develop myself in ways I never thought was possible. The atmosphere at NBS makes each and every one, the students and the faculty bring the best out in them. The faculty at NBS are amongst the best in the world and I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of the NBS family.

Shazil Pervaiz

​Everything begins with a dream. Combine faith with persistence and you have the key to success. At NBS, through the culture of discipline, excellence and team work, I learnt how to overcome obstacles and reach my goals. Like my family and friends, NBS has supported me in everyway, which would enable me to win laurels for NBS and effectively serve my country and people

Noor Aftab

NBS is where, besides getting high quality and relevant education, one also learns good manners and discipline. Together, these three essential features contribute to the development of a well rounded business professional. I feel that NBS has successfully transformed me into a professional and has carried me one step closer to the fulfillment of my goals​

Muhammad Ahmad Gul

​Being at the top of my class and securing a Gold medal of 2003 MBA batch,  has made me more confident and enthusiastic to handle real life and  the corporate sector challenges and also positively affected my personal life. The credit for my proper grooming  and good quality education goes to my parents, NBS faculty , my advisor and my fellow students. And I thank GOD for helping me out and for  giving me the courage during this tedious time to prove myself

Saher Khan

​Our institute, NBS has come a long way in a short span of time, in terms of establishing its credibility and promising a bright future to its graduates. I have thoroughly enjoyed the academic experience at NBS and feel competent enough to enter into corporate world

Maryam Hafeez

​I believe my success is the direct outcome of consistent hard work and strong faith in God. NBS not only acknowledged my ability but also provided me a perfect platform to pursue my education and career goals

Maria Bostan

​NBS has been the guiding force behind my success in my studies and extra curricular activities. It has given me immense opportunities to interact with the corporate world and get a feeling of actual business setup. NBS and its faculty is the reason behind my excellent results. I don’t think i would have been able to perform at this level in any other business school

Mahvash Babar

​Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered and overcome and NBS has motivated and groomed me to struggle against overwhelming odds


A highly competitive environment and potential enhancing atmosphere combined to make educational experience at NBS, complete in all respects

Fehmeen A, Khan

Ability is of little account without opportunity. I got a real opportunity at NBS in the form of a professional atmosphere conducive to learning. NBS really has it all

Musa Khan Durrani

NBS is an institution that provides the right blend of theoretical knowledge with industry experience, allowing its graduates to not only comprehend & explore business philosophies but to make them practical in accordance with the prevailing market conditions as well. Its presence in the industry is evident by the large number of its graduates working in every sector of the economy. Surely, NBS is on the threshold to become one of the leading institutions for the  future corporate leaders

Shaffaq Hassan

Studying at NBS has turned out to be a lifetime experience as it has broadened my vision and exposed me to newer vistas that are steered by its quality teaching staff. More than anything else, I believe that the institution has helped me in building my confidence and developing a burning desire for success. I pray to Almighty Allah that NBS continue to contribute towards the development of future generations leading to growth and stability of Pakistan

Mr. Mohammad Waleed Qureshi