CAE Departments

Department of Aerospace Engineering

This department has the distinction of being the pioneer of in-country department offering Bachelors degree program in the discipline of Aerospace Engineering

Department of Avionics Engineering

Avionics Engineering deals with all electrical and electronics systems used in aviation industry. Thus, it covers basics of multiple fields, such as radio and radar, navigation and guidance, communications and networking, power electronics and electro-optics.

Department of Humanities & Sciences

The department provides a sound foundation for the subsequent semesters by imparting education in Algebra & Calculus, Differential Equations, Advanced Engineering Mathematics etc.

Department of Industrial Engineering

The department of Industrial Engineering is a supporting department of College of Aeronautical Engineering for the award of degrees in Aerospace and Avionics disciplines by the two other major departments of this college.

Department of Professional Continuing Education

For post-graduation field training and imparting professional knowledge with cross-disciplinary training to the newly graduated engineers, the PCE department was established at CAE