CAE has achieved important milestones and gained immense significance as an institution of higher education in Pakistan. The College produces professionals and researchers of high caliber, capable of developing indigenous technologies to meet the growing demands of the 21st century. It is envisioned to grow as a center of excellence for Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan. The CAE’s alumni are present around the world. It has graduated 171 foreign students from twelve countries around the world. The CAE alumni has their presence in reputed universities and industries across the globe.

CAE has expanded its programme offering from initially two bachelor degrees in Aerospace and Avionics Engineering to presently twelve degrees’ programmes including bachelor in Aerospace & Avionics Engineering, MS/PhD in Aerospace, Avionics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

CAE has highly qualified faculty, mostly PhDs from the reputed foreign universities. At present, more than 30% CAE faculty is PhD. CAE also has one of the best lab infrastructure amongst the Pakistani’s HEIs.

CAE has developed linkages with national/international universities and industries of repute to ensure two-way flow of knowledge and to be in step with modern trends. CAE has an effective faculty exchange programme with foreign universities. More than 80% of the students’ projects at CAE are sponsored by the industry.