Avionics Engineering Department is pursuing active multi-disciplinary research in spheres of military, aviation and civilian fields. Various research groups at the department undertake R&D projects to find solution to field and maintenance issues faced by PAF, pursue cutting edge research to support PAF mission and solve national level challenges.  The research at the department spans across diverse fields. The details about the various research groups are given as follows:

S No Title of Research Group Group Members Contact Information
1 Signal Processing Group Prof Dr Jehanzeb Burki
Assoc Prof Zahid Ali
Asstt Prof Dr Muaz
2 Systems (Radar, Avionics & EW) Group Assoc Prof Zahid Ali
Assoc Prof Dr Zahid Pervaiz
Asstt Prof Imran Aziz
Asstt Prof Muhammad Yahya
3 Computing Group Assoc Prof Dr Qasim Ali
Assoc Prof Dr Mujahid Mohsin
Asstt Prof Shafqat ul Mulk
Asstt Prof Majid Khan
4 Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems Group Assoc Prof Dr Hammad Munawar
Assoc Prof Dr Qasim Ali
Asstt Prof Abdul Samad
Asstt Prof Salah ud Din
5 Communications Group Assoc Prof Dr Mujahid Mohsin
Asstt Prof Asim Jan
Asstt Prof Muhammad Yahya
6 Electromagnetics, Microwave & Antenna Group Assoc Prof Dr Awais Munawar
Assoc Prof Muhammad Saqib
Asstt Prof Muhammad Atif
7 Circuit and Power Electronics Group Assoc Prof Dr Imran Abbasi
Asstt Prof Mohsin Khalil
Asstt Prof Shafqat ul Mulk​