Departments Department of Aerospace Engineering

Department of Aerospace Engineering

This department was established in 1965 and Colonel Daniel H Daley from the USAF was the first Head of Department. This department has the distinction of being the pioneer of in-country department offering Bachelors degree program in the discipline of Aerospace Engineering. The department has experienced and qualified instructors on its faculty. It has four main teaching / research labs namely Aerodynamics Lab, Structures Lab, Propulsion Lab and Computer Lab.

Head of Department Message

Dr Ali Javed

Thank you for your interest in undergraduate studies at Department of Aerospace Engineering, CAE. This department, and of course CAE is the pioneer in awarding the Bachelor’s degree of Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan. The Aerospace Engineering education focuses on imparting the Aerospace Engineering knowledge to a level that the students are successful in their professional careers, including industry, government service, and academia. The program will prepare the students for amicable application of engineering principles, processes and practices to aerospace systems, and their maintenance. The students after graduation will contribute to the creation of useful new products, or the generation of original research, by analyzing and implementing solutions to relevant problems in the component disciplines of Aerospace Engineering. The students will contribute effectively when part of an integrated team, effectively communicating with team members, supervisors, and clients. The Aerospace Engineering program inculcates among students a strong sense of civic, professional and ethical responsibility. The program will strive to develop a capacity for innovation and a passion for lifelong learning. The department has four curriculum groups, namely Aerodynamics & Fluid Mechanics, Aerospace Structures & Material Sciences, Propulsion and Solid Mechanics. Each curriculum group has faculty members with specialization in their area of expertise and having sufficient research and practical experience. We welcome your interest to discover the new horizons in aviation specialty and purse your career in such a dynamic learning environment.

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Department's Vision Statement
“To convert students into successful professionals with a high degree of personal and interpersonal skills and an elevated sense of civic, professional, and ethical responsibilities in the field of Aerospace Engineering”
Department's Mission Statement
“To prepare professionally competent and socially responsible Aerospace Engineers”

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