Departments Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering covers nine different courses divided into two main groups including Production Engineering and Engineering Management. The department imparts practical training to the undergraduate students in the domain of Production Engineering and covers subjects including Workshop Technology, Test and Measurement and Manufacturing Processes and CNC Machines. The future engineers are also introduced to aspect of engineering management by covering a vide range of courses including Engineering Economy, Engineering Management, Professional Ethics & Practices and Statistical Quality Control. The comprehensive workshop facilities available in the Department of Industrial Engineering include machine shop, metal sheet shop, welding shops, Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) shop, electric shop, wood working shop, paint shop, CNC design and machining laboratory and a laboratory for tests and measurements.

Head of Department Message

Engr. Muhammad Nauman

The Department of Industrial Engineering welcomes you on behalf of college of Aeronautical Engineering. The department of Industrial Engineering is a supporting department of College of Aeronautical Engineering for the award of degrees in Aerospace and Avionics disciplines by the two other major departments of this college. This department has a very conducive and enabling environment for the faculty, staff and students to impart quality education of international standards. The department has three labs namely Industrial Engineering Workshop (a factory like set up), CNC Design & Machine lab and Test & Measurement Lab. The department also maintains a digital and video library which provides a repository for video and multimedia contents in the form of power point presentations, animations and recorded lectures of academic nature. The department has a set up of conventional machining facilities along with nontraditional machining facility of EDM. The different kinds of welding along with the CNC milling, CNC engraving, and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) are few additional facilities to help the students in their academics course work. The facilities of this department are widely used by the final term students of Aerospace and Avionics Engineering for completion of their projects. This is the oldest department in the field of Industrial Engineering in Pakistan. The courses of manufacturing, production engineering, management, engineering economy, instrumentation and quality control etc offered at this department are studied both by the Aerospace and Avionics discipline students which gives them enough confidence for the application of theoretical and engineering knowledge acquired to solve practical and real life problems. These courses are regularly updated and reviewed to keep them abreast with technological advancements.

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